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4th Season
Trinity, NC
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Real Estate Agent

DEGREE: BA Organizational Communications

BIRTHDATE: February 2nd



Dallas Cowboys: Emmit Smith
Season of the Year: Fall
Food: Steak
Color: Yellow

TV Show: Superstore or The Amazing Race

Holiday: New Year’s Day

Sweet or Salty: Sweet

Workout: Whatever I can find on Youtube! 

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? People inspire me! It’s the little girl who reaches out to touch my hand because she so excited to see someone like me, being something she dreams to become one day! Seeing the joy in a little girls eye, inspires me to continue to push for greater


DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS? Yes! When I was a teenager, I waxed off all of my eyebrows (because when you’re 13 you think you know everything) and they have never grown back the same! I should have left my bushy eyebrows alone!

BIGGEST MOTIVATION? My cousin Allie. I am always in awe of how she is growing and maturing every day. She has overcome so much, but still remains humble and pleasant every time she speaks! I am so thankful to honor her for “My Cause My boots” last season.

DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS (IF SO LIST NAMES)? My precious baby Arlo is the best cat in the world

BEACH OR MOUNTAIN VACATION? On the beaches of Bali, pretty please!

DESCRIBE A PERFECT DAY  IN YOUR LIFE:  The night I made the team, Kelcey and I danced full out in the living room with our brand new (perfectly iconic) uniforms! We were full of joyful emotions and Whataburger. I couldn’t ask for a better August 15th!

HOW DO OTHERS DESCRIBE YOU? Vivacious, caring, persistent, people-oriented and funny

 DO YOU HAVE ANY HIDDEN TALENTS? I’m double-jointed in my shoulders, want to see?

DO YOU HAVE ANY NICKNAMES? Kitty, Kitten and Kit-Kat

NAME 5 GUESTS AT YOUR DINNER PARTY: My Papooh, Meagan Good, DeVon Franklin, Issa Rae and Corbin Bleu

WHAT IS THE THEME SONG OF YOUR LIFE?  Cat! I’m a kitty-cat, and I dance, dance, dance and I dance, dance, dance! -> Yes, that really is a song!

WHAT IS YOUR DANCING BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE? I actually grew up with a gymnastic background so for 14 years I was dedicated to becoming a college gymnast. However, when I started to compete in pageants I found a new appreciation for dance and in my junior year of high school, I started taking dance classes! From there I did college dance team for 2 years and then went to dance professionally for the Charlotte Hornets for 4 years. During my time on the Hornets, I was an All-star and Captain.

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO AUDITION FOR DCC? You never know what you are capable of until you try! Becoming a DCC was always a dream of mine but never a reality. Until I placed the right people in my life who believed in me more than I believed in myself I never knew the things I was capable of! When I was able to combat those thoughts of doubt was the moment I knew I was ready to be on America’s Team!

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT BEING A PART OF DCC? To be honest, there are many things I love getting to be a part of the DCC. I love growing- mentally, physically and spiritually on this team. The many fans in Cowboys Nation who are so supportive of our journey; but most importantly gaining 35 sisters who make Texas feel like home.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT:  My proudest accomplishment is being the first African American to win in two major state pageants, for the Miss America and Miss USA system. Knowing that I opened the door, to allow other young girls who look like me, to know they can accomplish their goals felt like a dream! I believe accomplishing this dream at such a young age, structured me into the woman I am, today!

IN 10 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL You guys will just have to wait and see! I am very goal-oriented, so I plan to shoot for the moon. Even if I miss, I’m happy to land amongst the stars!