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5th Season
Columbia, MO
University of Missouri
Personal Assistant

DEGREE: Finance

BIRTHDATE: November 7th



Dallas Cowboys: Troy Aikman
Season of the Year: Fall
High School Teacher: My social studies teacher Mr. Dingler
Food: French Fries
Color: Pink

TV Show: Schitt’s Creek

Holiday: Christmas

Sweet or Salty: Salty

Workout: Pure Barre


WHAT INSPIRES YOU? I am inspired by being around passionate people. They are always contagious to me, and they push others to reach outside the box.

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT? I cannot live without sweatpants. I wear them year-round.

DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS? Something I regret is not getting a solo picture with Brian May when we performed with Queen (I am a HUGE fan).

BIGGEST MOTIVATION?  My biggest motivation is bringing people joy, whether that be through performing or through relationships.

DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS (IF SO LIST NAMES)?  I have a family dog named Royal in Missouri, named after the 2015 World Series champion Royals baseball team. We call him Roy for short. He looks like the wolf on Game of Thrones!


DESCRIBE A PERFECT DAY IN YOUR LIFE: A perfect day in my life would involve exploring a new place with people I love.

HOW DO OTHERS DESCRIBE YOU? Funny, genuine, and loyal

DO YOU HAVE ANY HIDDEN TALENTS?  I am currently memorizing all of the lyrics to Hamilton.


NAME 5 GUESTS AT YOUR DINNER PARTY:  Savannah Guthrie, Amy Schumer, Lin Manuel Miranda, Rachel Parcell, Will Smith

WHAT IS THE THEME SONG OF YOUR LIFE? “This is what Dreams are Made of” – Lizzie McGuire Movie

WHAT IS YOUR DANCING BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE? I grew up dancing at Columbia Performing Arts Centre in Columbia, Missouri until I graduated high school. I trained mainly in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap. I danced on my high school’s dance team and was a Golden Girl for three years at the University of Missouri! MIZ!

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO AUDITION FOR DCC? I have always loved dancing and performing. After dancing in college for an SEC school, I fell in love with the way a sports team can bring people together. What better way to combine both in auditioning for DCC.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT BEING A PART OF DCC? My favorite part about being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader is learning from the people who surround me every day. This organization is made up of well rounded, goal driven individuals who work incredibly hard day in and day out. They make me want to be the best version of myself!

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Making this dream team!

IN 10 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL …In ten years from now, I will be surrounded by people I love and own a company with my sister that promotes bringing dance into underserved communities.