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If you look throughout Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader history, there are very few women who audition and make the team at the age of 18, and there is good reason for that. Taking on the responsibility of being America’s Sweethearts is not for the faint of heart at any age, let alone a young lady navigating life after high school. However, Allison Hopkins, has been one of the select few who have managed this expectation and pressure flawlessly. Turning 18, 3 days prior auditions, and in an audition

I had the pleasure of speaking with DCC Alumni, Ann Powell Skeen, who cheered for the Dallas Cowboys during the 97-98 season. Ann is one of the most bright and uplifting spirits I’ve ever met, and her memories as a Cheerleader are nothing but positive and inspiring. Ann was born in Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Waco, Texas as a teenager. She was a student at Texas Christian University and a member of the TCU Showgirls. Ann was 21 years old and a junior in college when

Lauren grew up in Michigan and attended school there for two years before transferring to South Florida to finish up her nursing degree. After spending 4 years in Florida and cheering for the Miami Dolphins, she moved to Dallas. Lauren was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader from 2017-2019. Dallas also became the backdrop for another important part of her life, her husband, David. They were living in the same Florida city for many years before they officially met. David moved to Texas at the same time Lauren was

Cara Blackmon Harting was the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders very first Rookie of the Year! It was so much fun to chat with her, and hear about her experience as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Cara studied dance and choreography, and chased her passion down to Dallas from her hometown of Coleman, Texas. She performed on Show Group for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and boy, did the shows sound incredible! Different dance styles, costumes, and solos, oh my! I loved hearing about her dance journey, but it was clear

Getting to know Alumni is always a privilege. It is the constant reminder that this team is more than just cheering on the sidelines. It’s a sisterhood, a true family. I had the pleasure of interviewing Christina and learning about her time as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. It wasn’t an easy road for her, but with her passion and determination, her story will bring tears to your eyes. Let’s take it way back, back to high school. Christina was stopped at school and asked what she wanted to

  Angela’s career as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader was preceded with dance, starting at a very young age, in a studio environment. She described her native country, Australia, as very different when speaking about sports and entertainment. Australia, or “Aussie,” as Angela calls it, does not have sports teams associated with college like the U.S. However, she danced for the National Rugby League for seven years. Her love for dance, encouragement from her instructor, and her desire to pursue the art further is what inspired Angela to come

Robin Sindorf Kaspar, local to Kingsland, TX, defied the odds in chasing her dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. At age 18, she took a leap of faith when moving from a small Texas town to the big city of Dallas in pursuit of cheering for America’s Team.  Robin never took formal dance, but she was a cheerleader in high school. Obviously, she had a great performance quality, as she made the team and cheered for one year 1978-1979. While on the team, she also attended Bauder

Jaclyn, or better known as “Jax” is from Gonzalez, Louisiana, where she was born and raised and now currently resides. She attended LSU and informed me of the fun fact that the university has a live tiger on campus! She said it is a fun attraction to see when tourists visit the area. Jax was a DCC for two years, from 2015 to 2017 and was best friends and roommates with Amy. The year following her retirement, she married her husband who she had gone to school

  I had the pleasure of speaking with the amazing Judy, or “The Other Judy” as her teammates called her. Judy London Young was faced with a bit of pushback from her family when she expressed interest in dance after college. Dad encouraged her to ‘get a real job’ and mom did not allow her to pursue dance as her major in college. However, she saw an opportunity with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and was determined to pursue her passion of dance.  Let’s *FLASHBACK* to when Judy was a young

I recently had the privilege of interviewing DCC Alumni, Pamela Jagger Purcel. Pamela cheered for the Dallas Cowboys for 3 years from 1997-2000. Pamela’s work ethic and dedication to her craft was immediately evident from the start of our conversation. We exchanged many stories, laughs and experiences, then quickly realized how many similarities we share. We graduated from performing arts high schools, our fathers served in the Air Force, we spent some of our childhoods’ growing up in Fort Worth, and even attended some of the same