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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Doris Boettigheimer Bonvino

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Doris Boettigheimer Bonvino

I had the privilege of interviewing DCC Alumni Doris Boettigheimer Bonvino. Doris cheered for the Dallas Cowboys for 3 seasons from 1979-1981. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Doris! I was inspired by her discipline, her love and dedication to her family, and her kind nature. I am grateful for the many pockets of wisdom and advice she kindly shared with me.

Doris is a Dallas native and grew up with intensive training in ballet and jazz. She developed a love for performing from an early age and trained at Texas Ballet Theater in Dallas. In just the short time I was able to spend with Doris, it was very evident that she is a high achiever and an exceptionally hard worker. She has utilized these skills throughout her many achievements, and her DCC career was no exception.

While on the team, Doris attended the University of North Texas where she studied and graduated with a degree in Marketing. On top of balancing her studies, she served as a group leader and Show Group member on DCC. She mentioned that she was very proud to be able to give back to the team and help contribute to the organization through these roles. Doris said that being on the team during the late 70’s-80’s was an absolute blast because it was one of the most thrilling times in the organization’s history. During the late 1970’s into the 1980’s the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders brand experienced a tremendous amount of growth. Doris was able to be a part of countless milestone moments for the DCC. Some of these experiences include being on the team when the iconic posters released, the line of clothes at J.C. Penny, being a part of made for TV movies, talk show appearances, and many USO tours.

Her rookie class was a smaller group of around 8 to 9 women. She mentioned that her second year on the team was the first year the director started bringing extra girls to training camp and making “cuts.” We talked in length about the differences between then and now, but I found it touching that even after all these years, the core experiences and opportunities are still so similar. Doris said that the USO tours were one of her absolute favorite experiences, while on the team. She said getting to thank our service men and women in person, while traveling the world and performing is something she will always cherish.

Doris retired from DCC the same year she graduated from the University of North Texas, and went full force into her career. She worked as a Marketing Analyst for many years, before making a shift to become a full time Realtor. Doris has twenty-three years of experience in real estate and is now a broker with Ebby Halliday. She finds it extremely rewarding to be able to help others find comfort and happiness in their homes. While juggling her career throughout the years, Doris raised two sons here in Dallas alongside her husband. Doris was beaming with pride when she told me about her sons, and I could immediately sense that she is an incredible role model, wife, and mother.

Doris’s perspective and determination inspires me, and I am incredibly thankful she was open to sharing her story. She left me with words of wisdom to always continue to work hard and dream big, after I close the chapter of my DCC career. Hearing Doris speak so passionately about her experiences as a DCC and beyond, further strengthened and solidified my appreciation of our special sisterhood.

DCC Erin

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