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4th Season
Princeton, IN
Marymount Manhattan College
Wedding and Event Coordinator

College: Marymount Manhattan College- Dance & Business Major

Occupation: Wedding and Event Coordinator



Food: Mexican food,

Color: Yellow

School teacher: History teacher

Dallas Cowboys: Michael Gallup

TV Show: The Bachelor

Holiday: New Years

Sweet or Salty: Salty

Workout: Pilates


What inspires you: I get my motivation through the motivated people I surround myself with.

What is one thing you can not live without: I could not live without my cell phone.

Do you have any regrets: I try not to live with regrets, only lessons I’ve learned.

Biggest motivators: My siblings and dance students are my biggest motivators.

Do you have any pets: During high school my family had a pet pig named Kevin Bacon.

Beach or Mountain Vacation: Beach

Describe a perfect day in your life: A perfect day would be spent with friends and family on a beach, listening to music and enjoying great food.

 How do others describe you: Other people would describe me as energetic, motivated and dedicated.

Do you have any nicknames: Jay or Jaybird

Name 5 guests at your dinner party: Martha Graham, Freddie Mercury, Reese Witherspoon, Amy Schumer, Taylor Swift

What is the theme song to your life: Don’t Stop Believing

What is your dancing background and experience: I grew up doing gymnastics until I was 9, then transitioned into competitive dance and cheerleading.  After high school, I moved to New York to attend the dance program at Marymount Manhattan for my major, and cheered for the New York Jets for one season before moving to Texas.

 Why did you audition for DCC: In the world of professional cheerleading, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are the top. I auditioned for DCC to grow as a dancer, perform with the best of the best and conquer a childhood dream.

What do you like most about being a DCC: the sisterhood and bond on the team is one of the most rewarding parts of being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Proudest accomplishment: Attending college in New York as the first person in my family is one of my proudest accomplishments.

In 10 years from now I will: be running my own event company and venue and raising a family.